Family Support Programme consists of self-managed Parent Groups that meet regularly and provides support for families with income generation activities, preventative health education and first aid advice. The parents of children participating in CN's programs are visited regularly by a social worker to discuss their situation and progress. Through counselling, they are able to find solutions to difficulties and conflicts within the family.

Income Generation Programme provides small loans to families living in very difficult circumstances. The loans are used to IWC Replica Watches help the family set up small-scale businesses, such as pot making or pig-rearing. The families are given a lot of on-going support by CN staff. When their business is producing a profit, the families can then pay the loan back, which can be used again to help another family. In this way, families can support themselves and improve their own circumstances.

Family Healthcare   CN provides family members with healthcare support including first aid, health check-ups and emergency hospital care. Many families may also choose to receive contraceptives or permanent family planning operations at the local hospital.

Family Counselling CN staff provide families with counselling, which is aims to resolve internal family conflicts, teaches basic communication and relationship-building skills, and links families with local service providers.

Vocational Training   CN supports youth through vocational training and gainful employment placements. At first, youth engage in basic skills training including in English, writing-reading-speaking and life skills (goal setting, decision making, self-esteem development, personal health care, self-help practice, group work, meeting and discussion skills). Then, youth receive specialized training based on their interests and job opportunities.