Current Projects

School Inclusion   CN provides social and financial support for children from the ‘untouchable’ caste and disadvantaged origin so that they are able to attend school. The children are eager to learn, to help each other and glad to receive help for their homework and studies from tutoring programs nearby their homes. The development of the programme is showing positive results, with most children earning high grades and many choosing to pursue higher education.

Child Sponsorship Programme is run with the aim of supporting children without sufficient resources to attend school. The tag heuer replica majority are able to do this with the help of private sponsors from across the world. Only with the Sponsorship Programme CN gets the chance to help families with social and economic needs. Parents get the opportunity to earn a steady income and receive social support. It is worth noting that while the educational and economic circumstances of Nepali families have increased over the last years, there are still many families who need social and economic support to send their children to school.

Health Campaigns   CN is concerned that national health campaigns are not reaching the poorest children. In order to create awareness around the importance and access of immunizations CN participates in health awareness campaigns and helps children receive appropriate therapies.


Past Projects

Child Self-Help Group was a project that allowed children to think for themselves in order to become self-reliant citizens. It was formed and mobilized with the help of CN by four children aged between 12 and 18. The group expanded its network to more than 50 groups and over 1000 members, and addressed:

– Helping children be responsible for their own rights and duties
– Learning about humanitarian and social behaviors
– Participating actively against the discrimination, exploitation and violation of children

Youth Self-Help Group was a social forum for young people (between 16 and 30 years of age), which was established with the help of CN. The members were from different castes and of different genders, and the objectives of this group included:

– Promoting peace and positive change among young people and in the community
– Helping young people to be responsible for their rights and duties
– Supporting the Child Self-Help Group in their development and mobilization
– Developing unity and harmony between youth for their own development

Practical Peace Education for Youth aimed at empowering youth through developed models of practical peace education. The training manual created during this project continues to be used today in different capacities.

CN Child Protection Policy was developed to ensure a child-safe and –inclusive environment at CN. The policy contained different guidelines for all the people working for and with CN and a code of conduct for staff and members. The primary goal as the protection and inclusion of children and to empower them to champion their rights. Another objective of the project was to increase the participation of children in relevant decision-making processes, in particular through school events and activities and the establishment of District Child Federations that connected with existing District Child Welfare Boards. CN hopes that this policy can help in establishing a National Child Protection Policy someday.