By establishing the Fulbari Resource Centre, and creating a self-sustaining foundation, we hope to create a lasting impact in our communities and beyond. Many of our supporters and donors have already funded and ensured funding for different components of the project. 

However, funding this project is a heavy burden that we cannot manage by ourselves. We welcome the international community to join hands with us, to help us jump-start the momentum, so that our children will live in not just a safer local community, but an international community woven by like-minded people striving for peace and prosperity.

 - Volunteering – Assist us with your skills (e.g. construction, work camp, healthcare and education)

 - Donate

 - Fundraise

 - Become a partner for the project or aspects of the project

 - Tell your friends, family and co-workers about CHILDREN-Nepal and the Fulbari Resource Centre


We hope that you, too, will join us in our endeavor

For further information please contact CHILDREN-Nepal:



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