The Fulbari  Resource Center (FRC) will provide many services to the community. Its functions will include residential accommodation, giving course participants time and space away from their everyday lives to focus on the workshops. The facility will provide a space for children, families and teachers to develop and grow through meetings, training and workshops. In addition, locally sourced nutritious and organic foods will be used thus generating revenue in the community. Through the continued involvement of CHILDREN-Nepal, we will be able to facilitate ways for the community to develop further innovative and creative ideas.


Main functions of the center include:

           -   Accommodation for 50 people

           -   Information center/Library

           -   Training/workshop center

           -   Yoga and Meditation facility

           -   Seminar Hall

           -    Meeting/sharing outreach workers/community members

           -    Demonstration center (bio-gas, composting toilet, organic garden and solar power)

           -     Farm for organic vegetable, fruits, milk and herbs


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