Children, youth and women in Nepal

Situation of children, youth and women
Nepal is one of the lowest developed countries in the world, where live very poor and disadvantaged sections of the population. After the ten years lasting civil war is Nepal since 2006 in a constant new political orientation. Since 2008 the political parties works on a democratic constitution and is until now not successful. So from the viewpoint of the poor and disadvantaged people all political energy goes to political quarrels between different parties at the charge of effective activities against the social emergency in the country.
Malnutrition, a lack of jobs and sufficient income maintenance and common violence in the society and especially against women, youth and children are some of the most observable problems in the country.
The poor people have a very low chance to get education and information what would be the basic background to change their life, because they are fully engaged to secure their livelihood.

Nepal's democratic process is in transition with the development of new constitution. The interim constitution 2007 has promised the rights of children, women and disadvantage people but its implementation has yet to be realized. Policy makers and government officials including social workers and teachers are aware and looking for alternative methods of education and new approaches.

The mission of CHILDREN- Nepal  
The mission of CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) is to serve the poor where public assistance is not available or not sufficient. In its social work since 1995 CN all the time worked on the most necessary needs of its clients. By its engagement for disadvantaged children and their families is CN already in contact with the poorest social classes in the Nepalese society in Pokhara area.

Until now CNs works with 4 main topics:
1.Working with the poorest families in a family centre in Pokhara, including providing a sponsorship program for school contribution, family counseling and women empowerment programs and Money saving program
2.Social Mobilization for “Child Friendly School”  including teacher, parents and students trainings in 3 Districts: Kaski, Tanahu and Parbat
3.Suryamukhi Handicraft  which provides sewing training and income generation for women in the center in Pokhara by selling the products in Fair trade
4.Since 2012 CN started to provide career counseling, starting with own clients in Pokhara and now also in  countrywide workshops

Nowadays CN serves in the City of Pokhara around 1845 clients a year in a building with 14 rooms.  The room capacity is now totally trashed out and new projects or workshops and staff working places are not more possible in the existing building.

Additional to this CN want to serve also poor people from the rural area around Pokhara, where is until now no kind of social service available and from where the organization

gets often ask for help.

So the organization planned to start a second centre with social service offices and facilities to provide educational and empowering workshops 20 km outside from Pokhara. There could be delivered in future more workshops in a peaceful environment and the rural population from 6 more VDCs could use the social service in a walking distance.

There could be also better opportunities to demonstrate eco gardening and animal breeding issues in practice. Planned are free range of chickens and husbandry from cows and bees as well a garden with tomato tents and different vegetable and coffee plantation.  The agriculture products will be for own use of the centre and also for selling to give financial support for the centre.

Promoting eco food, energy like biogas, solar, waste management are also key aspects of Fulbari Resource Centre.


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